UPDATE 25 October 2022: Story updated noting the rider’s passing.

A 43 year-old Dutch rider participating in the L’Etape Granada gran fondo has died one day after he was rescued from the bottom of a ravine when he lost control of his bike and plummeted over 15 meters down during the race on Sunday according the organizer.

Emergency resources including Spanish police, event staff, helicopter crews and mountain recovery teams were notified at 11:45 of the crash, but encountered serious challenges reaching the male victim over difficult terrain.

Once recovery and emergency on-scene triage procedures were complete, the rider was rushed by helicopter to the intensive care unit at Neurologic Hospital in Granada with traumatic head injuries. Doctors worked to save the rider overnight, but were unsuccessful and the rider passed away on Monday.

Additional details associated with the crash, including the rider’s name, have not been released, but no other riders were reported injured in the crash.

Over 1200 cyclists participated in the 131 kilometers long L’Etape Granada race, one of the amateur cycling races around the world organized by the Tour de France.

Photos/Media: Guardia Civil Espana