Tragically, a rider died while descending at the 10th Sky Road Cycling Challenge on 8 August in Zhangjiajie City, China after unsuccessfully navigating one of many hairpin turns on Tianmen Mountain according to Chinese state media.

He Mu, 33, was one of over 100 women participating in the 12.6 kilometer amateur race that climbs over 750 vertical meters on a series of never ending switchbacks to the summit of Tianmen Mountain, where Mu finished in 32nd place.

After the race, while descending back down the mountain, Hu misjudged a hairpin turn, lost control and fell over the guardrail, plummeting 25 meters down to the road below.

Other cyclists stopped to call for emergency responders and aid Hu, who was unconscious with critical injuries to her head and body. Hu was transported to Zhangjiajie People’s Hospital, but doctors were unable to revive her and she was pronounced dead.

According to her husband, Mr. Zhu, Mu was an experienced cyclist who took up the sport four years ago, participating and winning many amateur events, including the Peak Hunan Hillclimb Championship last December.

The annual Sky Road Cycling Challenge is China’s largest cycling event, attracting over 2000 participants from all across the mainland to ride up Tianmen Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on completely closed roads.

Photos: Chinese state media