On Sunday in Spain at UCI Gran Fondo Ézaro just over 600 cyclists officially registered to participate in the Gran Fondo World Championship qualifying race, along with one ”bandit” rider who jumped into the race without registering.

The ride did not go well for the bandit, who is currently in hospital fighting to survive.

The local 49 year-old male rider with amateur Club Ciclista Cee, who did not have a race number, suffered a heart attack and collapsed on the final climb, a heart stopping 30% grade to the top of Mirador de Ézaro.

Luckily for the rider, it happened right where the organizer stationed two ambulance rescue units for just such an emergency. Medical technicians immediately jumped into action, and after 30 long minutes of CPR the rider was resuscitated and transported to Virxe da Xunqueira Hospital.

Despite keeping him stable for a few hours, the damage was so serious doctors then transferred him to the ICU at Chuac Hospital in A Coruña where he remains with an undetermined prognosis.

While rescue efforts were underway, the Portuguese rider David Vaz (Amigos Do Desporto) completed the 137 kilometer route with double ascents of Mirador de Ézaro in 4:38:46, earning his third Gran Fondo Ézaro title; followed by Eduardo Estévez Alonso (4:39:13) and Damian Ramos Sanchez (4:39:33).

Complete UCI Gran Fondo Ézaro results HERE.

Photos: QuieroMisFotos.com, Gran Fondo Ézaro