37 year-old amateur gran fondo racer Domenico Antonio Nigro (ASD Marrone Autoricamb) has been provisionally suspended by the Italian National Anti Doping Organization (NADO) after they allege he violated anti-doping rules.

According to NADO, Nigro violated Anti-Doping Code Articles 2.1 and 2.2 with the “Presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites or markers in the biological sample of an Athlete” and “Use or Attempted Use by an Athlete of a Substance or Method Forbidden.”

NADO has not released additional details about the case and a disciplinary tribunal hearing to determine Nirgo’s guilt or innocence will be scheduled.

Nigro is a well-known and respected rider on the Italian gran fondo circuit and a team leader with impressive palmarès at ASD Marrone Autoricamb, often placing in the top 10 at major races.

Recently, on 5 June 2022 he won Medio Fondo del Vulture for his age category and placed 5th overall. His good form and results were also on display two weeks later at Granfondo del Tanagro where he placed 15th overall.

At press time the ASD Marrone Autoricamb team has not commented on the doping allegations or suspension, but the team website has a very clear ”no doping” policy listed for all team members:

UPDATE 29 July 2022: Team ASD Marrone Autoricambi has issued the following press statement reaffirming its strong ”no doping” policy.

“In light of the events reported in the news in recent days, ASD Autoricambi Marrone, in respect of the men who are part of the team and of the Sponsors who support the project, feels the obligation to intervene to express, and reaffirm, its position of profound aversion to the use of doping substances. Healthy and constructive competition is one of the key values ​​of ASD Autoricambi Marrone, therefore we reiterate our support to the control bodies and to NADO in the fight against doping. The activities of these bodies are, in fact, aimed at safeguarding the psychophysical integrity of the athlete, which is strictly connected to the protection of one of the inviolable rights enshrined in the Constitution: the right to health.

ASD Autoricambi Marrone is and will continue to be a project made up of men who share the same value: the love for sport practiced according to the canons of fairness and transparency.”

Photos: CasertaNews, ASD Marrone