The new Milestone Series of premium gran fondo events that planned to grow into a huge European success has quietly disappeared and been cancelled by the organizer – the Mallorca 312 team.

Events on the size and scale of the massive Mallorca 312 were already announced and planned for the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden, but now the Milestone Series website and all events have been deleted without comment.

The first Milestone event, Eifel 205, was scheduled to be held in the Eifel Mountains of Germany 20 August 2022 on routes of 205, 166 and 102 kilometers.

Sweden was to host the second new Milestone event, the Båstad 198 kilometer race in the beautiful seaside city Båstad 11 September 2022.

Although no date or venue was announced for the Milestone UK event, the organizer committed to holding an event in the United Kingdom since a huge percentage of the participants in the Mallorca 312 each year are from the UK.

Now all these events are cancelled, along with the Milestone brand and website, as the Mallorca 312 team reconsiders their plans to expand.

The Mallorca 312, of course, will continue and the next edition is planned for 23 April 2023, with lottery registration opening October 2022 at a website specifically for the event.

Photos: Milestone Series