UPDATE: The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reports Alan “Haley” Mill was apprehended Thursday 23 June in Colorado and initially charged with two counts of assault in the first degree and accidents involving death or personal injuries.

Colorado USA police are searching for Alan “Haley” Mill, 38, who they believe intentionally ran down a group of Team Evergreen cyclists on a Sunday training ride 19 June, leaving one in hospital with severe life threatening injuries.

“I was not an accident,” Jefferson County Sheriff’s officer Jenny Fulton said, “The way it was described to me, it was an intentional act.”

A $10,000 USD reward is being offered for information on Mill’s whereabouts that leads to an arrest.

A sheriff’s office press release states Mill is the registered owner of the gray 2018 Ford Escape SUV which “intentionally drove into the two cyclists” and then fled the scene while still dragging a bicycle under the vehicle.

“Immediately after, Mill drove through the El Rancho Restaurant parking lot at a high rate of speed, seemingly to dislodge a badly damaged bicycle from beneath his vehicle.”

Lisa Ludwig, 61, was one of the two cyclists run over and has been a competitive cyclist for 30 years, including participating in the 2013 edition of the amatuer UCI Gran Fondo World Championships and winning the famous New Hampshire Mount Washington Hillclimb in 2017.

Now she remains unresponsive in hospital with traumatic brain injury and broken bones – including ribs, shoulder and spine – according to a statement daughter Jennifer Ludwig gave 9News in Denver.

Alan ”Haley” Mill is listed as a male inmate currently on parole with the Colorado Department of Corrections and has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2003, including convictions for drugs, burglary and driving without a license. While past arrest records list Mill as male, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office press release describes Mill as female.

Team Evergreen, the largest cycling club in Colorado, issued the following statement: “Team Evergreen is heartbroken about the events that occurred over the weekend, injuring two cherished members of the Team Evergreen community. As an organization, riding bikes, and doing so with friends, is at the heart of what we do and what we are passionate about. We are currently working in lock step with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to assist with what is an ongoing investigation.”

Photos: JCSO, Joe Viger