UPDATE: A second British rider, Simon Potter, has also withdrawn from Race Across America. Story HERE.

Three days into the 3000 mile ultra-cycling 2022 Race Across America (RAAM) event, that started on the West Coast of California and ends on the East Coast of Maryland, one of the leading solo riders has dropped out due to COVID-19.

41 year-old British rider James Golding’s dream of winning the storied event came to an end 400 miles into the race at Congress, Arizona, where he tested positive for COVID after experiencing difficulties eating, drinking and breathing.

He was riding in 5th place when his support crew noticed physiological changes and immediately took him to a local medical doctor, where he presented with shortness of breath and a fever. A full range of diagnostic tests, including X-ray, blood and COVID were performed. The COVID test came back positive and Golding was administered IV fluids for several hours before being released in the evening and then dropping out of the race, one of the most physically and mentally challenging bike races in the world.

A few hours later, Golding’s support crew posted the following on social media, “After years of preparation for this event, with the support of some incredible sponsors, friends and family, James and his team are understandably devastated. With an incredible preparation and training period carried out for RAAM 2022, James demonstrated impressive performance in the races early stages. Sadly, his 2022 race was ended by something totally out of his control. We would like to thank all of those who have supported James and the team at RAAM2022.” 

Photos: J. Golding, RAAM