31 year-old Ryan Scott Montoya was sentenced to eight years in prison by Colorado First Judicial District Judge Diego G. Hunt this week in the death of 2019 USA Amateur National Masters Road Champion Gwen Inglis.

Inglis, 46, was on a Sunday training ride near Denver, Colorado with her husband, Mike Inglis, on 16 May 2021 when Montoya, under the influence of drugs, drove his black Nissan automobile into the protected bike lane occupied by Inglis at an estimated 55mph and ran her over, resulting in immediate death.

Montoya stayed at the scene of the crash and later admitted to consuming alcohol, marijuana and methamphetamine prior operating his automobile and crashing into Inglis. He also failed a field sobriety test administered by police officers.

One year later, in a plea bargain agreement, Montoya pleaded guilty to charges that he struck and killed Inglis while driving under the influence.

Photos: USA Cycling, Jefferson County SO