Granfondo Nove Colli organizers announced that one of the competitors in the event died on the course Sunday while riding in the 51st edition.

Franco Del Cecchini fell ill to cardiac arrest during the event and was rescued by one of the medical ambulances present on the route and subsequently rushed by helicopter to the Cesena hospital, but unfortunately all resuscitation attempts were in vain.

“Although each participant in the race must present a valid competitive fitness certificate, unfortunately these tragic fatalities can happen,” the event medical director Dr. Vladimiro Giovannini said while announcing the tragic news.

This is the second year in a row of serious medical emergencies occurring at Granfondo Nove Colli.

In 2021 Metello Ricceri fractured two cervical bones in his spinal column after crashing and was immediately evacuated by air ambulance. Three other cyclists also fell to serious trauma during the same race.  One with a head injury requiring neurosurgery after the rider fell into a guard rail, one with blunt force trauma to the chest after crashing and a 55 year-old French rider who passed out while climbing an 18% gradient near Barbotto. 

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