One of Europe’s hardest and longest and most prestigious amateur events is moving. From 2023 forward, the unrivaled 227 kilometer “Ötztaler” race in Austria will take place in mid-summer instead of at the end of August.

The always sold out and popular cycling classic will take place on the second Sunday in July. The 2023 edition, the 42nd, is scheduled for Sunday 9 July 2023 in Sölden.

This year’s edition will go forward as planned on 28 August 2022.

Over the years, Ötztaler related road closures caused countless delays and traffic jams in South Tyrol on what is traditionally a busy traveling weekend. “As organizers of such a large-scale race, we strongly depend on the support of both participants and partners along the route. That’s why we agreed in discussions to hold the future Ötztaler Cycle Marathon races in July. In this way, we ensure that the dream of the ‘Ötztaler’ lives on in the future,” said organizer Dominic Kuen.

Shifting the event to an earlier date in July improves the conditions for the nearly 4000 participants who face the sporting challenge year after year. Erratic weather with rain, sleet and snowfall on the Alpine passes should no longer be a concern in the future. Thanks to additional daylight time in July, the event will start earlier and the majority of amateur athletes can therefore reach Sölden’s celebrated finish line before sunset.

“It is important to communicate the new date in good time. In this way, the residents along the route can adapt to it and also the participants can prepare for the next year and adjust their training plans to the new date,” Kuen added.

Dates and procedures for Ötztaler 2023 lottery registration have not been announced yet.

Photos: Otztaler Cycling Marathon