1400 aero speed demons will participate in Austria’s ASVÖ King of the Lake race, Europe’s largest and most prestigious individual time trial, with this year’s edition taking place 17 September around Lake Attersee near Salzburg.

Starting bibs will be awarded only by lottery drawing on 1 May 2022, with lottery entries open until 24 April. Besides 1400 individual entries, four and ten-person team starting bibs will also be available.

The 47.2 kilometer completly closed course circumnavigates stunning Lake Attersee in a clockwise direction, with riders launching down the start ramp every 15 seconds from Marina Kammer in Schörfling am Attersee.

The individual course record is 0:57:04 at a blazing fast average pace of 50kph, including over 280 meters in vertical gain.

No racing license is needed to enter and categories are available for time-trial specific bikes as well as standard road-bikes, plus awards (including royal crowns and gowns) will be given in gender/age categories too.

After Slovenian Igor Kopse won the 2016 edition while using a banned drug, cyclists lucky enough to get a starting bib can expect strict anti-doping protocols to be followed “In accordance with provisions of the Austrian anti-doping law dated 1.7.2007 (BGBl. I No. 30/2007), incl. the amendment dated 8.8.2008 (BGBl. I No. 115/2008) anti-doping controls may and shall be conducted.”

ASVÖ King of the Lake race information and registration HERE.

Photos: ASVÖ King of the Lake