The 10th edition of the Colnago Cycling Festival wrapped up on Sunday on the chilly shores of Lake Garda, Italy with Luca Chiesa (VIVO MG K VIS DAL COLLE) earning his fourth win of the season.

Chiesa drove a long six-man break in the Colnago Medio Fondo until the finishing circuit, where he took a flier from the back of the group with less than a kilometer to go to win by two seconds. Nike Guissani was second and Christian Dallago third, both credited with a time of 2:55:59. Alessia Bortoli won the women’s division with a time of 3:13:57.

Chiesa, a medio fondo distance specialist, opted to skip the longer Colonago Gran Fondo route due to fresh snowfall in Valvestino that required riders to proceed with extra precaution and suitable cold weather clothing.

But the cold and treacherous conditions did not stop team VIVO MG K VIS DAL COLLE from almost winning the gran fondo too. In a hotly contested sprint finish Chiesa’s teammate, Enrico Filippi, earned second place, only one second behind champion Nicole Tamussi (3:50:57). Martina Trevisiol was the first women to finish the gran fondo route, arriving back at Lake Garda in 4:13:48.

Although over 2300 riders participated in this year’s Colnago Cycling Festival and fondos, organizer Tazio Palvarini revealed that going forward the event will no no longer solely offer timed gran fondo races, instead the festival will focus on non-competitive cicloturismo randonnée rides.

“We don’t want to see the Gran Fondo numbers anymore. We will no longer care and we will give the opportunity to remove the chip, from 2023 it will no longer be mandatory,” he told the Italian cycling magazine Cicloturismo.

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Photos: Colnago Cycling Festival