21 year-old Canadian pro cyclist Simone Boilard ( St Michel-Auber93 WE) was caught cheating at GFNY Cannes gran fondo in France on Sunday 27 March where she initially finished in second place, but was later disqualified. 

Race video footage provided by GFNY showed Boilard receiving outside assistance from pro rider Nickolas Zukowsky (Rally Cycling), who was not officially entered in the race but paced Boilard for most of the 112 kilometre route while she rode in his draft. 

Zukowsky, Boilard’s boyfriend, was interfering with the race and trespassing as a “bandit racer.”  GFNY officials repeated asked Zukowsky to leave the race, but he argued with them and ignored their requests while continuing to pace Boilard, who knowlingly accepted the illicit assistance. 

Italian Annalisa Prato won the women’s race in 3:23:30, with Boilard’s boyfriend towing her to the finish line in 3:24:59 where she was quickly disqualified.  Second place was then awarded to Barbara Fonseca in 3:39:04, with Cathelin Ramonet earning the final podium step in 3:56:18. 


The men’s race saw Belgian climbing ace Olivier Godfroid, who won the epic Lapierre Gran Fondo Mont Ventoux last year, cross the finish line in 3:08:01 to win his first GFNY race, followed by Julien Plumer (3:10:28) and David Polveroni (3:11:35). 

GFNY Peru on 10 April is the next race in the worldwide series, where riders will tackle the world’s highest road race in South America from the legendary city of Cusco.

Complete GFNY Cannes results HERE.