Miguel Indurain, considered one of the greatest cyclists ever, lined up for the first edition of Porto Gaia Granfondo with over 1300 riders in the seaside city of Porto, Portugal on Sunday. The 57-year-old Spaniard, winner of five Tours de France, two Giros d’Italia and a gold medal at the Olympic Games, started on the front line wearing bib number 1.


On the 156 kilometres long granfondo route with 2800m vertical ascent, José Oliveira (Paredes Aventura) arrived back in Porto with a time of 4:21:04 to be crowned champion.  João Jacinto (CPR A.Dobarbas/Akiplast/PVS) and Carlos Aguiar (Love Tiles) were just behind, finishing in 4:21:06.

Indurain finished a very impressive 44th overall with a time of 4:56:30.

In the mediofondo 98 kilometre race, Fábio Abreu (Proteu Cycling Team) was with a time of 2:35:31, followed by Leandro Coelho (Soutense Cadão Douro Remato Laborado) and Élio Fernando Oliveira  Silva (Cadão Douro).

Complete Porto Gaia Granfondo results HERE.

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