Today marks the start of Zwift’s biggest mass-participation multi-day gran fondo, the monthlong 2022 Tour de Zwift.

With eight cycling stages, including three distances for each stage, ridden over four weeks, the series offers something for every cyclist – real or virtual.  All of Zwift’s cycling worlds will be crisscrossed, climbed and cruised on rolling, mountainous and dirt roads.  Catering to cyclists in differing time zones around the world, multiple staggered start times are offered daily. 

The first stage runs 10-13 January and is billed as “Flat Is Fast” no matter which distance is ridden (Shorter, Standard or Longer).  On Stage 2 the series gets serious with the Longer route climbing the famed 21 switchbacks of Alp d’Zwift.  Stages then stay relatively flat until the last weekend when Stage 8 (Longer) takes on the New York 2022 UCI World Championship Course.

The eight grand stages for the 2022 Tour de Zwift:

Stage 1: Flat is Fast, 10-13 Jan. Longer ride: France, RGV 49km/+214m; Standard ride/Women only: Watopia, Watopia Waistband 27.9km/+95m; Shorter ride: Makuri Islands, Two Village Loop 12.8km/+88m.

Stage 2: Mountain Madness, 14-16 Jan. Longer ride: Watopia, Tour of Fire and Ice 28.2km/+1164m;; Standard ride/Women only: Innsbruck, Innsbruck UCI World Course 23.6km/+487m; Shorter ride: London, London Loop 15.4km/220m elevation

Stage 3: Round & Round, 17-20 Jan. Longer ride: Makuri Islands, Farmlands Loop 39.2km/+285m; Standard ride/Women only: New York, the 6 Train 26.2km/+244m; Shorter ride: Makuri Islands, Neokyo Crit Course 11.7km/+62m

Stage 4: Let’s Get Dirty, 21-23 Jan. Longer ride: Watopia, Serpentine 8 26.8km/+206m; Standard ride/Women only: Makuri Islands, Chain Chomper 16km/+184m; Shorter ride: Watopia, Jungle Circuit 13.6km/+82m.

Stage 5: Urban Delight, 24-27 Jan. Longer ride: Richmond, 2015 UCI Worlds Course 33.1km/+284m; Standard ride/Women only: London, Greater London Flat 29.1km/+90m; Shorter ride: Paris, Champs-Élysées 16.4km/+78m.

Stage 6: Go Long, 28-30 Jan. Longer ride: London, London Pretzel 56.2km/+284m; Standard ride/Women only: Watopia, Out and Back Again 42.3km/+303m; Shorter ride: France, Douce France 24.1km/+108m.

Stage 7: Escalator, 31 Jan – 3 Feb. Longer ride: Yorkshire, Royal Pump Room 8 27.7km/+490m; Standard ride/Women only: Makuri Islands, Castle to Castle 23km/+305m; Shorter ride: Watopia, Hilly Route Reverse 9.4km/+93m.

Stage 8: Big City Champs, 4-6 Feb. Longer ride: New York, 2022 UCI World Champs Course 54.9km/+944m; Standard ride/Women only: New York, Knickerbocker 22.9km/+364m; Shorter ride: New York, Knickerbocker 9.9km/+213m.