Gran Fondo del Capitano was last held in 2019 and organisers opted to postpone the event in 2020 and 2021 in the interest of public health and safety.  Now the organisers have announced they will once again postpone the race until 2023, so the 11th edition can safely be held on the beautiful roads of Casentino, Italy, just east of Rome.  

“Unfortunately, the state of alert due to the pandemic has not yet ceased and this condition does not guarantee the level of safety necessary for an event like ours, convinced, in fact, that it is not only a cycling race but also a party. We have a responsibility to ensure the health of many people who collaborate with us, of participants and spectators,” the organiser posted on social media. 

They believe the decision to cancel and postpone the race demonstrates how the public’s safety and health is worth more than anything else, including a bike race.

June is the historic date of Granfondo del Capitano and the event expects to return on 11 June 2023 with over 1000 athletes participating in the race – and legendary after-party.  

Any riders registered for 2020-2022 editions have the opportunity to roll their bib to 2023 or request a full refund by sending a request to the organiser via .

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