The Frenchwoman who caused a massive crash during the first stage of the 2021 Tour de France cycling has been fined 1200 euros ($1,350) by a French court, but will only pay 1 euro for damages to the riders who went down. 


The spectator, now known all around the world, was holding a cardboard sign, facing towards a television camera and with her back to the cyclists as they passed.  

Top German cyclist Tony Martin collided with the sign first and fell, with dozens of other riders falling like dominoes on top of Martin and all across the roadway.

With her “Allez Opi, Omi” sign, a combination of French and German words which means: “Go on Grandpa and Grandma”, she had intended to send a greeting to her grandparents who are big fans of the Tour de France.

The woman, who eventually turned herself in days after the crash, had been sued for involuntarily causing injury and putting the life of others at risk. Prosecutors had called for a four-month suspended jail sentence, but settled for a 1200 euro fine and paying a symbolic one euro to France’s professional cyclists’ association.

In the courtroom, the woman said that the incident was “really just so unintended.”


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