The newest Italian amateur bike circuit plans to make a big debut in 2022 with four of the best gran fondos in northern Italy forming the Specialized Granfondo Series, hoping to become the most beautiful cycling circuit in Italy and perhaps all of Europe.


The four classic events that make up the series are Granfondo Bra Bra Specialized Gran Prix Fenix ​​Langhe & Roero, the Ganten La MontBlanc Granfondo, the Granfondo Sestriere Colle delle Finestre and the Granfondo Tre Valli Varesine-Eolo.

The series will kick off at Bra-Bra on 24 April 2022 in the charming town of Pollenzo, taking amateur cyclists through the rolling Langhe and Roero wine regions of the Piemonte.  In June, riders get a double dose of Alpine climbing beginning with the MontBlanc Granfondo that circumnavigates the legendary slopes of Mont Blanon from Courmayeur on the 12th. On 26 June from Sestriere the classic Colle delle Finestre will once again challenge riders up steep snow lined slopes and over historical Tour de France gravel sectors. 

The finale of the series will be on the route of the UCI 2018 Gran Fondo World Championships at Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine in Varese.  This event also allows riders to qualify for the 2023 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships planned September 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland.  

The Specialized Gran Fondo Series will score each event using a point system for individuals by age category.   Points will be awarded on the basis of absolute order of arrival at the finish (from 1000 points for the first rider down to 500 points for the 500th rider, using 1 point increments). 

The following categories will be scored and awarded leaders jerseys:  Junior 19-29 years, Senior 1 30-34, Senior 2 35-39, Veterans 1 40-44, Veterans 2 45-49, Gentleman 1 50-54, Gentleman 2 55-59 years, Supergentleman A 60-64, Supergentleman B 65+, Female 1 30-39 years, Female 2 40-49 years, Female 3 50+.

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