The Cyclosportive La Drômoise in France was temporarily suspended on Sunday when an amateur cyclist crashed in Valdrôme and was urgently transported by helicopter to the hospital.

As reported by Le Dauphiné Libéré, emergency workers were called to the crash scene when a 62 year-old cyclist went off the D106 road at high speed outside the city of Valdrôme in the French Alps.  The rider received life threatening injuries to his head and shoulder, requiring emergency workers to call for a Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente helicopter evacuation.

The sixty-year-old was then taken to hospital in Valence where he is listed in serious condition.

Participants caught behind the crash and subsequent emergency helicopter evacuation were forced to stop and wait for the situation to clear before proceeding. 

The Cyclosportive La Drômoise brought together more than 2500 competitors over three days, with the marque 147 kilometre La Drômoise amateur race taking place Sunday.


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