The Original Tour de Donut, a pastry-perfect amateur gran fondo that combines racing and donuts, brought out over 600 hungry cyclists to Staunton, Illinois USA with Kyler Hanner crowned Donut King. 

The 31st annual event featured cyclists competing in a “Whole Donut” 34-mile race or a “Donut Hole” 12-mile race.  Riders could stop at “donut checkpoints” to consume some glazed goodness throughout the ride, earning a 5 minute overall time deduction for each donut consumed. 

31-year old Hanner won the “Whole Donut” race by finishing in 1:56:30 while stopping to consume twenty-two guiltless glazed donuts and earn a time bonus of 1:50:00, yielding an adjusted winning time of only 0:06:30 at an average calculated donut speed of 332.2mph.

In second place was Katherine Ancell who finished in 1:50:55 and earned a donut time bonus of 0:40:00 (eight donuts).  Her adjusted time was calculated at 1:10:55.  Gene Gross was third four seconds later with an adjusted time of 1:10:59 after also consuming eight donuts.

Just missing out on a podium step by one donut was Cory Wisniewski who had an adjusted time of 1:15:56 with seven donuts downed.  

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