With Moscow’s hospitals flooded with new patients due to the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant, registering over 10000 new coronavirus infections and 100 deaths daily, the UCI Gran Fondo World Series race in Moscow (qualifying race for the world championships) planned on 11 July has been cancelled.

We have done our best, but due to the sharply deteriorating epidemiological situation, we are very sorry to announce that the races [time trial] at TT Krylatski Hills and [gran fondo] at Garden Ring 2021 will be cancelled until later,” the Grand Fondo Moscow organiser announced on Friday.

​​​​​​​If Russia regains control of the pandemic situation, the organiser expects to reschedule the event just-in-time for riders to still qualify for the 2021 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships planned in early October in Sarajevo.

If the event is rescheduled riders already registered will be automatically enrolled in the new event or have their registration moved to the 2022 edition if they choose.

Gran Fondo Moscow is the fifth UCI Gran Fondo World Series race to be cancelled this month: Gran Fondo Dnipro in Ukraine on 20 June, Italy’s Leggendaria Charly Gaul on 11 July, Granfondo Rio de Janeiro in Brazil on 8 August and Tour of Cambridgeshire on 26 September in Great Britain.

UCI Tour of Brisbane 11 July is also at risk of cancellation due to growing out-breaks of the Covid-19 Delta variant in Australia.

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