Marcela Prieto and Luis Álvarez Ayala were the winners in the 110 kilometre L’Étape Tour de France Estado de México, an amateur version of the Tour de France that brought together almost two thousand amateur and professional cyclists in Mexico.

Taking part one week before the 2021 Tour de France, the race departed from the high desert town of Metepec at 2600 metres above sea level, just outside Toluca on routes of 40, 75 and 110 kilometres.

The event promoted by the Secretariat of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the State of Mexico was the second race of the L’Etape Mexico series that began in Acapulco on 22 May and will conclude in La Paz on 31 October.

Luis Álvarez was the odds on favorite to win after winning the first L’Etape race in Acapulco by over four minutes. From the start Álvareze once again used his strength and endurance to constantly attack, whittling down the field little by little and widening the distance between his closest rivals to take first place with a time of 2:58:21.

In second place was David Ruvalcaba Reyes with a timer of 3:03:11 and in third place just a tire width behind was Miguel Ángel Díaz Herrera.

While in the Women’s race Marcela Prieto Castañeda climbed to the top of the podium by stopping the clock at 3:11:02, second place was occupied by Laura de la Rosa Elizarrarás with a time of 3:23:45 and the third place went to Carolina Rodríguez at 3:30:00.

On the 75 kilometre Medio Fondo route, first place was earned by Víctor Álvarez, followed by Heriberto Díaz and then Juan David Rueda. In the Women’s race Grecia Reynoso won with second place going to Yamile Abouzaid, while Alejandra Barbabosa earned third place.

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