The box truck driver who killed five cyclists and critically injured two after plowing into them outside Las Vegas, Nevada USA while driving high on methamphetamine has pleaded guilty in court and will now likely spend the rest of his life in prison. After entering a guilty plea in April on two counts of DUI resulting in death, on Wednesday 9 June an emotional Las Vegas District Judge Bita Yeager ordered 45 year-old Jordan Barson to serve a sentence of between 16 and 40 years as the result of his actions.

On 10 December 10 2020, a group of cyclists set out from Henderson for an annual 130-mile Nipton Loop ride. Shortly after leaving, the things turned deadly when Barton rammed into the back of the group at over 55mph, instantly killing five of the riders.

Police investigators report at the time of the crash Barson had nine times the amount of methamphetamine in his system to be considered legally impaired. Barson was emotional during the sentencing hearing, and made a statement to the victims’ families.

“Knowing I caused the death of five beautiful people and severely hurt two others is unbearable most of the time. I’ve caused so much pain, in all of your lives and I want you to know I’m so truly sorry for what I’ve done. I know you will carry this pain forever and it breaks my heart I caused this. If I could give my life to bring your loved ones back I would. I am so ashamed of myself,” Barson read from a prepared statement.

He also added, “At some point when I get released, I want to honor your loved ones by going to rehabs and churches to share this with other addicts to warn them of the dangers of relapsing.”

The State of Nevada and Chief Deputy District Attorney Thomas Moskal asked the court for a “severe” sentence, up to 40 years in prison, giving the nature of the crime and long term emotional scars left on the victim’s families.

“The price to be paid must be of the highest nature because the cost could not be greater than in a case like this,” Moskal said. “The wounds inflicted by Mr. Barson will at best be mental and emotional scars as noticeable on these victims as if the scars were on their face when they looked in the mirror. At worst, the wounds will forever remain open and bleeding.”

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