It’s not only sportive season, it’s squirrel season – and the fluffy critters are out en force.

Tim Egerton was training for the 108-mile Struggle Sportive, billed as the hardest sportive in the United Kingdom, when he got “squirreled” – taken down by a chunky fluffy squirrel that suddenly ran into his wheel in West Yorkshire.

The impact tossed Egerton to the ground at over 35mph, knocking him out cold and fracturing his face.

Egerton told Metro News he is still a bit fuzzy on what happened, “The last thing I remember is riding down the hill and then coming round in the back of an ambulance. The bit in the middle is a blank.”

Onlookers helped Egerton before he was rushed to hospital, where doctors repaired his broken cheekbone with a bling titanium plate.

Witness to the crash Clare Scott also told Metro News “Bloody squirrel, it was a chunky one and ran straight across road at that moment you were passing, how unlucky.”

The squirrel didn’t stand a chance in Egerton’s spokes and was killed instantly, leaving bits of grey fur on the bike. Of course Egerton was not concerned about the squirrel’s condition, only that of his $5000 racing bike – which was fine.

Egerton missed The Struggle sportive race on 23 May and now faces his own personal six week struggle to stay off the bike under doctor orders, but promises to be back next year.

The squirrel was properly disposed of by local officials.


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