The world-wide L’Etape cyclosportive series modeled after the Tour de France is planning to host new competitive events for amateur cyclists in the United States, Netherlands and Russia.

L’Étape Rotterdam by Tour de France is planned for July 2022 and is part of Cycling Rotterdam’s attempts to host the Tour de France Grand Départ in 2024/2025. The 150 kilometre course will preview the intended first stage the Grand Départ, allowing amateurs to ride a course designed by nine-time Tour de France stage winner Jean-Paul van Poppel.

“L’Étape by Tour de FranceA cycling event with various tours for young and old and as the main program a cyclosportive ride with time measurement on a closed track for the ultimate Tour de France feeling. Rotterdam will be added to this program next year with the first edition in the summer of 2022, making it the only Gran Fondo in the Netherlands.”

Cycling Rotterdam

New for 2021 and a late addition to the calendar is L’Etape Russia by Tour de France on 29 August 2021 with a Moscow departure. The event will be the first L’Etape race in Russia, where up to 3000 professional and amateur cyclists will ride together on a 90 kilometre closed course through the capital city. In another first for L’Etape, organiser Hero League plans to start the race at sunset on a closed course and finish under the city lights of Moscow.

L’Etape Russia by Tour de France – For the first time we will hold a real bike race in the most unusual format: thousands of participants at once start at sunset and finish in the bright lights of Moscow at night.

Hero League

L’etape is also planning to return to the United States with a race in the Texas city of San Antonio – L’Etape San Antonio by Tour de France – on 10 April 2022 according to local media. San Antonio was chosen to host the race because of its unique culture and proximity to Mexico, where gran fondo events are very popular with amateur athletes. An official announcement by San Antonio Sports, the area sports commission organising the race, is planned for 1 June with more details including venue, course and website information.

L’Etape San Antonio by Tour de France – This is a premier event. It’s an international event. It will range from riders at the pro level down to kids races. But the one thing from our perspective and for the health of our community, we look at what the Rock and Roll Marathon did when we brought that to San Antonio, what that did for the running community and lifting the health of our community—we think this could do to cycling in the area what the Rock and Roll Marathon did to running.”

San Antonio Sports CEO Russ Bookbinder


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