The world’s first national competitive gravel series makes it’s debut in 2021 in France – in the middle of a pandemic, maybe.

Gravel ‘Tour Cannondale, originally planned six exciting gravel races in varied regions of France from April till September.

03 April – Roc Laissagais
22 May – 100 years of the Laughing Cow
20 June – Cap Nore
11 July – Chablais Leman
07 August – Sud Bourgogne
21 August – Lac d’Annecy

Before the first pedal stoke it’s already down to five races, after the opening event, Roc Laissagais, announced cancellation this week.

Powered by Cannondale, the Gravel ‘Tour overall championship is still up for grabs though.  Rules for general classification scoring indicate only the best four results from each rider will be used.

So, as long as four races are held the overall series champions will be crowned at the end of August.

Riders will be awarded points based on finish order for each race in each category.  Leader’s jerseys (maillot bleu for men and maillot rose for women) will be awarded for the following age categories: 16-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+.   In addition, there is a hand cyclist category.

Individual race and overall general classification results will be published here.

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