Giuseppe Bianco (MUROLO COSTRUZIONI) is the winner of the second edition of Granfondo Campania, likely the last European amateur gran fondo cycling race of 2020.


After nearly all gran fondo events were cancelled due to COVID19, Granfondo Campania got lucky.

With COVID19 cases once again growing by leaps and bounds in Europe, the Sunday 25 October race with arrival and departure from Vulcano Buono di Nola, Italy followed all anti-COVID measures issued by the Italian Cycling Federation, health authorities and government officials to help keep everyone safe.

The 100 kilometer race crossed through the four Italian provinces of Avellino, Benevento, Caserta and Naples, including the pivotal Monteforte Irpino climb 15 kilometers before the finish line.

It was on Monteforte Irpino where Bianco, Antonio Borrielli and Pasquale Del Giudice crested the climb with a slight lead.

On the descent Bianco attacked, dropping his companions to build a 30 second lead and giving everything to try and stay away till the finish in Vulcano Buono di Nola.

Borielli and Del Guidice were soon re-absorbed by the chase group, leaving Bianco out front alone with a tenuous lead.

As the finish banner came into sight the charging pack was rapidly closing in on Bianco, but they came up a few meters short as Bianco finished first with a well earned arms-up victory salute.

Sprinters Liberato Cozzolino (TEAM PROF BIKE) and Giuseppe Calò (BIKE & SPORT TEAM MTB) were next, finishing second and third respectively.

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