Alexander Steffens, a big powerful German rider who calls himself a “Mountain Elephant”, travelled from his home in Germany to race against a field of Italian mountain goats at Granfondo Ceriale on Sunday 11 October.

After surviving climb after climb on the 89-kilometre course, at the finish line Steffens came up a few centimeters short of victory as Vincenzo Pisani of the Capitani Minuterie Team powered past the German to win the second edition of Granfondo Ceriale in Italy.

Finishing third was Italian Manuele Caddeo racing for the Senzabincinonsostare team.


The race was originally on the Italian gran fondo racing calendar for March, but postponed till October due to the pandemic.

Starting from the Armando Diaz seafront on a beautiful coastal autumn Sunday, a pandemic limited field of 300 riders from all across Italy battled for points towards the championship “Loanobike Trophy.”

Federico Pozzetto, who won last weekend at Granfondo On-Energy and leads the Loanobike Trophy competition, finished 2 minutes behind the leaders.

Gioia Chiodi won the women’s race with Federica Morano and Mara Manfredi rounding out the podium.

Guests of honor of the race included local ex-pro riders “El Diablo” Claudio Chiappucci, Davide Rebellin and Andrea Noè.

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