Fabian Cancellara once again challenged gran fondo riders with the toughest one day amateur race in Switzerland, his Chasing Cancellara Zurich to Zermatt 280km Ultrafondo.

Major Swiss climbs on the route included Glaubenbielen, Brünig, Grimselpass and the final climb from Täsch to Zermatt.  In total, riders climbed over 6500 meters of elevation before reaching Zermatt.

385 participants started rolling out individually or in teams of two at 1:15am on 28 August.  17:23:39 hours later the last official finisher, Sabrina Roth, arrived in Zermatt.

The first to arrive and win the Men’s race was Justin Paroz who finished in 9:21:01.  Next was Silvio Hug in 9:50:42 and Kooney Looser completed the podium in 10:00:15.

Claudia Sutter won the Women’s race in 11:40:19 with Alexandra Zurcher second in 12:08:09 and Linda Farczadi third in 12:46:37.

In the 2-person team competition Robin Hermann and Yannick Vogele racing as Team Pack Rat won in 9:23:58.  Team Chasing Cancellara with Fabian Cancellara and Jan Van Berkel finished ninth in 10:25:51.

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