As pressure increases, cracks eventually develop, especially in people when they get fed up with COVID19 lockdown in England.

Numerous ugly incidents against cyclists have been reported recently.

Locals in Litton spray painted ‘COVIDIOT CYCLISTS STAY AT HOME” on the road.

A cyclist reported he broke his collarbone after a motorist pushed him off his bike in Blagdon.

A young mother cycling with her children reported hundreds of push pins “purposely placed in the road” to puncture bike tires.

Mark Jerzak, of Chew Valley Cycling Club, posted on Facebook concerns about cars “dangerously swerving” at club members riding solo.

He confirmed to Bristol Live that all club “group rides and activities” have been banned in line with government guidelines.

Those guidelines, announced by The Prime Minister, allow cyclists in England to exercise, either on their own or with household members, once per day for an unlimited amount of time, over an unlimited distance.

Cyclists venturing outside must still practice social distancing by avoiding group rides, busy areas and narrow paths.

Plus, British Cycling recommends giving a friendly wave to other cyclists, pedestrians  and, yes, even motorists during this stressful time.  You never know when you just might need a helping hand.

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