Bored?  Stuck inside feeling like a trapped rat?  Dreaming of better days?  Dreaming of riding outside?

We are.

Here are 5 tried and true cycling hacks to do now to help you ride like a Pro when the pandemic peters out.

The best part is everything needed can be ordered online inexpensively while remaining socially distant.

But don’t take our word for it – try these out for yourself.

#1 Super Glue Cable Ends – Simple solution to keep cables from fraying or being crushed while making your bike look sleek and totally Pro.  Just dab Super Glue on the end of the cable, let it dry and never worry about unsightly frayed cables again.

#2 Wrap that Number – At your first post-pandemic gran fondo plan to go Pro.  Practice attaching event numbers like a gran fondo Pro now, around the head tube, rather than on handlebars like a billboard.  The improved aerodynamics will save 5 watts and we guarantee you will fly down the road faster, but there will be no event photos to prove it since the front number will not be recognizable by cameras.

#3 Go Faster in Latex – Another cheap and fast way to gain 5 watts of power is by using latex bike tubes.  They are a bit more costly than common rubber butyl tubes, but ride smoother and faster.  Pump-up latex tubes/tires before every ride and do not use with CO2 cartridges, CO2 permeates latex very quickly.

#4 Get Crafty with Cages – Prop up the world economy by replacing water bottle cages now.  All cages eventually break, whether costing $50 or $5, and always at the wrong time.  So now is a great time to replace cages with basic nylon ones.  Yes, nylon weighs a few grams more than carbon fiber, but it is more durable and ejects bottles less frequently than shiny smooth carbon ones.  Plus, nylon comes in any color to help brighten your day.

#5 Thinsulate with Fleece Gloves – In cold weather (yes, it might be Fall before open road riding is allowed) just wear a pair of Thinsulate fleece long finger gloves over regular cycling gloves.  Fleece gloves are inexpensive, can be taken off when it gets warm and add a little more padding for hands.  Besides black, they are available in safety orange or yellow if you want to direct traffic too…

Check the GFDN Worldwide Gran Fondo Calendar for the most accurate and up-to-date listings of current, cancelled and rescheduled events