Three more UCI Gran Fondo World Championship qualifying races have been cancelled, bringing the number of cancelled UCI GFWS events to seven.

The next UCI Gran Fondo World Series event, France’s La Bourgogne Cyclo in Viré, scheduled for 25 April will not take place according to Viré Mayor Marc Andreu Sabater.  As France moves into a complete lockdown environment, Gran Fondo Daily News reached out to Sabater for comment on the upcoming event.  He indicated Viré and the Normandy region have cancelled all public events, including cycling, through at least May and are focusing all resources on the national crisis.  The event promoter has not issued a statement yet.

UCI Gran Fondo Rio de Janeiro on 16 May announced cancellation on Facebook. “The difficult decision to postpone GF Rio 2020 has become more obvious every day. And even though we know that the COVID-19 pandemic is fleeting, there is no one today who can predict how, when and what the consequences will be. For this reason the new date of the race has not been defined, and we will probably have some definition in the next 15 days.”   

The 10,000+ rider UCI Tour of Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom announced cancellation of the 7 June 2020 world championship qualifying event on Twitter:  “It will probably come as no surprise that following the government’s advice that they are unable to support events with medical and police support (which we completely understand), we are cancelling the 2020 Tour of Cambridgeshire.”

With no end in sight for the pandemic, lockdown worldwide, travel restrictions and the only way to combat the virus is social distancing, it looks like all UCI GFWS races will be cancelled, including 2020 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Canada.

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