Abu Dhabi Sports Council has issued a press release indicating two Italian staff members of one of the teams participating in the UAE Tour professional cycling race  tested positive for COVID-19 Coronavirus and the remaining two stages of the race have been cancelled.

All race athletes including four time Tour de France Champion Chris Froome are now quarantined in a hotel awaiting test results.

Due to the positive test results, the authorities made the decision to cancel the race to protect the participants and ensure their safety.

“The decision has been taken to guarantee the protection of all the participants of the race,” said the Council, adding that “security is one of the top priorities.”

The report also reveals that the Ministry of Health and Prevention informed all the participants of the Race, the administrative staff and the organizers that will be examined through the periodic evaluation, and all necessary procedures will be carried out, including quarantine measures, to ensure the suppression and spread of the outbreak in coordination with all the country’s health authorities.


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