After several years of offering $36,000 in overall series cash prizes, the GRAN FONDO WORLD TOUR® is cashing out and stopping their competitive format.

For 2020,  they will not offer an overall season long competition, nor offer cash prizes.  Instead, the series will only rank riders based on participation, rather than performance.

This follows on the heels of their 2019 World Championship event promoter, Rollfast USA, pulling out of the series.

Series CEO Dani Buyo announced the change, “The GRAN FONDO WORLD TOUR® now has a rolling ranking system for all members, focused on participation, rather than winning. Points are accumulated in all events and held for a year with recognition on our platform for anyone who participates in more than one event and a ranking for those who have accumulated the most points in the past twelve months.”

Individual events will still time riders and provide competitive results.

For 2020, 14 gran fondo promoters have signed up to be part of the GRAN FONDO WORLD TOUR® 2020 Calendar:


GFDN Worldwide Gran Fondo Calendar