11 people including former vice president of the Spanish Cycling Federation, Jorge Luis Montero, and 6 cyclists from amateur team PCM Team Oveido have now been arrested by Spanish National Police for operating a sophisticated doping network that distributed and used growth hormones, insulin, testosterone and injectables in Asturias, Spain.

Local news, La Voz de Asturias, reports the network obtained illegal drugs through a pharmacy in Lugones, directed by Montero, who was also president of the Asturian Federation of Cycling.  The General Directorate of the Police indicated the drugs were sourced from Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Belarus.

“Operation Barinas” is the first joint operation between the Spanish National Police and the Police Community of the Americas (AMERIPOL).   As part of the investigation, agents made three searches at three addresses in Asturia, seizing ampules of illegal products, syringes, needles and empty boxes of substances used to improve sports performance.

Police indicated the network used “a complex logistic apparatus” to supply illegal products for the advancement of rider’s careers, including PCM Team Oveido riders.

To avoid being discovered the network communicated in code, using keywords such as “pods” when talking about “dose” and “gas” to avoid using actual drug names.

Team PCM Team Oveido issued a statement on Twitter and has ceased operations.  This is not the first time they have been immersed in a doping scandal.  Three of their riders previously tested positive and were sanctioned.