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Gran fondo sportive road cycling calendar and schedule for British Isles, Britain, United Kingdom, UK, Isle of Man, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Dates updated when confirmed, otherwise previous dates listed.

07/01/2022 UPDATED
02/26/2022 Sunrise Snowdrop Express Westerham  GBR
02/27/2022 Hell of Ashdown Worcestershire  GBR
03/05/2022 Wheelbase Spring Classic  Kendal  GBR
03/12/2022 Whiltshire Classic Salisbury  GBR
03/12/2023 Tour of Lancashire Preston  GBR
03/18/2023 Daffodils Sportive Yorkshire  GBR
03/20/2022 Ware’s Cambridge? Cambridge  GBR
03/20/2022 Mad March Hare Birmingham  GBR
03/26/2022 Cambridgeshire Classic Salisbury  GBR
03/26/2023 Cheshire Cat Sportive Crewe  GBR
04/01/2023 Ronde Yorkshire Stokesley  GBR
04/03/2022 Spring Onion Sportive Cobham  GBR
04/03/2022 Manchester – Sheffield Stockport  GBR
04/03/2022 Ronde van Amwell Ware  GBR
04/03/2023 York-Leads-York Sportive York  GBR
04/09/2022 New Forest Classic Hampshire  GBR
04/10/2022 Strade Shropshire Sportive Shrewsbury  GBR
04/10/2022 The Ram Sportive Lancaster  GBR
04/17/2022 Lakeland Loop Sportive Cumbria  GBR
04/18/2022 Cotswold Spring Classic Cirencester  GBR
04/23/2022 Yorkshire Classic York  GBR
04/23/2022 CiCLE Classic Oakham  GBR
04/23/2023 Burgess Hill Classic Spring Burgess Hill  GBR
04/24/2022 Etape Loch Ness Inverness  GBR
04/24/2022 Cycle Derby Sportive Derby  GBR
04/24/2022 Cambridgeshire Rumble St. Ives  GBR
04/30/2022 Tour of Wessex 3-day Langport  GBR
05/01/2022 Taunton Flyer Taunton  GBR
05/01/2022 Tour de Manc Manchester  GBR
05/01/2022 Forest of Dean Classic Monmouth  GBR
05/02/2021 GF Scotland Stirling Stirling  GBR
05/07/2022 Surrey Hills Classic Surrey  GBR
05/07/2022 Five Dales Richmond  GBR
05/07/2022 Lincoln Gran Prix Sportive Lincoln  GBR
05/08/2022 Vélo Belvoir Gran Fondo Hose  GBR
05/08/2022 Bostin’ Chase Sportive Newport  GBR
05/08/2022 Etape du Sussex Burgess Hill  GBR
05/08/2022 Hampshire Hilly 100 Winchester  GBR
05/08/2022 Spring Classic Sportive Swanton Morley  GBR
05/08/2022 Fred Whitton Challenge Cumbria  GBR
05/14/2022 Tour of Pennines Barnard Castle  GBR
05/14/2022 Tour of Pembrokeshire St Davids  GBR
05/15/2022 Newark Castle 100 Newarke  GBR
05/15/2022 Etape Caledonia Pitlochry  GBR
05/15/2022 BHCC Spring Classic  Herstmonceux  GBR
05/15/2022 Suffolk Ride 100 Suffolk  GBR
05/15/2022 Etape du Dales North Yorkshire  GBR
05/21/2022 Jurrasic Classic Dorset  GBR
05/22/2022 Bostin’ Bridge Sportive Shropshire  GBR
05/22/2022 Tour of Peak Sportive Bakewell  GBR
05/22/2022 Black Rat Challenge Bristol  GBR
05/22/2022 Struggle Dales Yorkshire  GBR
05/22/2022 Back O’Skiddaw Sportive Keswick  GBR
05/22/2022 Suffolk 100 Kesgrave  GBR
05/28/2022 3 Days in Yorkshire Carlton Miniott  GBR
05/28/2022 Tour of the Kingdom  Dumferline  GBR
05/28/2022 Tour de Conamara Clifden  IRL
05/29/2022 Ride London Essex  GBR
06/04/2022 Cairn O’Mount Challenge  Edzell  GBR
06/05/2022 Welsh Wild West Sportive Aberystwyth  GBR
06/11/2022 Flat out in the Fens Peterborough  GBR
06/11/2022 Hayden Hundred  Haydon Bridge  GBR
06/11/2022 The Flat 100 Thorne  GBR
06/11/2023 Round Norfolk Epic Great Yarmouth  GBR
06/11/2023 Wicklow 200 Bray  IRL
06/12/2022 UCI Tour Cambridgeshire Peterborough  GBR
06/12/2022 Tour of Essex Essex  GBR
06/12/2022 Mendips Lakes and Lumps Blagdon  GBR
06/12/2022 The Raptor Sportive Lancaster  GBR
06/12/2022 Bostin’ Centurion Sportive Rocester  GBR
06/17/2022 The Wharfedale Ton Ilkley  GBR
06/18/2022 Chilterns Classic Stoner Park  GBR
06/18/2022 Lincoln 262 Sportive York  GBR
06/18/2022 Tour de Burren Burren  GBR
06/18/2022 Mondello 24  Mondello  IRL
06/18/2022 Chase The Sun UK North Whitley Bay  GBR
06/18/2022 Chase The Sun UK South Minster  GBR
06/18/2022 Chase The Sun Ireland Belfast IRL
06/19/2022 Bostin’ Peaks Sportive West Midlands  GBR
06/19/2022 Burgess Hill Classic Burgess Hill  GBR
06/19/2022 Dragon Ride South Wales  GBR
06/19/2022 Dartmoor Classic Sportive Devon  GBR
06/25/2022 Yorkshire Beast Yorkshire  GBR
06/25/2022 Cyclone Challenge Newcastle  GBR
06/26/2022 Cycle Swarm Norwich Norfolk  GBR
06/26/2022 Bike Bath Bath  GBR
06/26/2022 Hereford Raid Worcester  GBR
07/02/2022 The Wales Sportive Tenby  GBR
07/02/2022 Stockton Sportive Stockton  GBR
07/03/2022 Vyrnwy Velo Sportive Guilsfield  GBR
07/03/2022 White Rose Classic Ilkley  GBR
07/03/2022 Struggle Moors Yorkshire  GBR
07/03/2022 Ross Tiger 100 Grimsby  GBR
07/09/2022 Coast to Coast in a Day Cumbria  GBR
07/09/2022 Mendips Classic Somerset  GBR
07/09/2023 Peak Epic Bakewell  GBR
07/10/2022 Chilterns Cycling Festival Amersham  GBR
07/10/2022 The Little John Nottingham  GBR
07/10/2022 Broughton Castle Sportive Oxfordshire  GBR
07/10/2022 Return to Life Sportive Dunoon  GBR
07/10/2022 Swansea Gower Sportive Swansea  GBR
07/16/2022 The Flat 100 South Peterborough  GBR
07/17/2021 Ring of Clare Ennis  IRL
07/17/2022 Redbourn Road Rider Redbourn  GBR
07/17/2022 Great Weston Ride Bristol  GBR
07/17/2022 UCI Gran Fondo Isle of Man Isle Of Man  GBR
07/23/2022 Cotswalds Classic Moreton-in-Marsh  GBR
07/24/2022 Flatout in the Fens Peterborough  GBR
08/01/2021 Kent Climber Lingfield  GBR
08/07/2022 Black Shuck Sportive Thursford Collection  GBR
08/07/2022 The Norfolk Sportive Little Melton  GBR
08/07/2022 East Riding 100 Bishop Burton College  GBR
08/14/2022 The Beast Lakes 108 Lancaster  GBR
08/14/2022 Saddleback Sodbury Chipping Sodbury  GBR
08/27/2022 Highland Perthshire Scone  GBR
08/28/2021 Tour de Boyne Valley Drogheda  IRL
08/28/2022 Hertfordshire 100 Hertfordshire  GBR
09/03/2022 Peaks Tour  Derbyshire  GBR
09/04/2022 Selby 3 Swans Selby  GBR
09/04/2022 Cycle Swarm Ipswitch Suffolk  GBR
09/04/2022 Marlow Red Kite Ride Marlow  GBR
09/04/2022 Cross Border Sportive Cumbria  GBR
09/04/2022 La Petit Gran Prix Sportive Lincolnshire Wolds  GBR
09/04/2022 Tour O The Borders Peebles  GBR
09/04/2022 Moor 2 Sea Exeter  GBR
09/10/2022 Ride Across Britain Lands End  GBR
09/10/2022 The Bealach Mor Kinlochewe  GBR
09/11/2022 E’tape d’ Amwell Ware  GBR
09/11/2022 Great Exmoor Ride Taunton  GBR
09/17/2022 New Forest Tour Southampton  GBR
09/17/2022 Land’s End 100 Sportive Marazion  GBR
09/18/2022 Cheshire Classic Crewe  GBR
09/18/2022 Cotswold Autumn Classic Cirencester  GBR
09/24/2022 Tayside Challenge Perth  GBR
09/24/2022 Whitehorse Sportive Middlesbrough  GBR
09/25/2022 JETRide Cranwell  GBR
09/25/2022 Eden Valley Epic Sportive Cumbria  GBR
09/26/2021 GF Scotland Autumn Falkirk  GBR
10/01/2022 Great Yorkshire Sportive York  GBR
10/03/2022 Ware’s Essex ? Sportive Ware  GBR
10/09/2022 The Boxer Sportive Carnforth  GBR
10/09/2022 Kent Classic Surrey  GBR
10/09/2022 Tour of Worcester Martley  GBR
10/09/2022 Puncheur Cyclosportive Ditchling  GBR
11/21/2021 Cumbrian Cracker Grasmere  GBR
11/28/2021 Market Harborough  Northhamptonshire  GBR

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