For the fourth and fifth time this year amateur cyclists in Italy have been suspended for allegedly avoiding anti-doping tests by evading, skipping or failing to perform a test ordered by the Italian National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO).

NADO reports that MTB racer Angelo Peluso (San Gennarello Bike team) and road racer Antonio Cantone (Cantone Bike) have been provisionally suspended after violating Article 2.3 of the World Anti-Doping Code – Evading Sample collection; or refusing or failing to submit to Sample collection without compelling justification after notification by a duly authorized Person.

Recent results on show Peluso winning the Mens 3 category at the 2nd Memorial Ciro Giglio XC race on 26 March and finishing fourth at XC Sidicino on 12 March.

Cantone is listed as finishing 3rd at the Trofeo Bar Ingresso race on 29 April in the M1 elite men’s category. He also owns a Strava KOM record, suspiciously completing the 4.72km segment at 53.6kph while averaging only 148 watts. (Note: Accused EPO doper Beniamino Desiderio completed the segment just as fast, averaging 129 watts!)

If found guilty of violating Article 2.3, both Peluso and Cantone could receive a four-year ban from the sport, the same as if they returned a positive anti-doping test result for a banned performance enhancing substance like Testosterone. Avoiding a long-term ban is almost impossible, NADO’s conviction rate for athletes charged with an Article 2.3 violation is close to 100%.

The two riders join ex-EPO doper Michele Maccanti, Gran Fondo Strade Bianche champion Mikkel Videback and Medio Fondo Strade Bianche bronze medalist Giulio Scopetani on NADO’s provisionally suspended list for allegedly violating Article 3.2 this year.

Photo Credit: Facebook/San Gennarello Bike, Cantone Bike

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