The Italian National Anti Doping Organization (NADO) has provisionally banned 51 year-old amateur cyclist Giuseppe Corsello (ASD Faenze Factory Team) from competition after he returned a positive anti-doping test result for Erythropoetin (EPO).

In 2014 Corsello won the prestigious Maratona dles Dolomite race on the 106km medio fondo course. Since then he also earned 5th (2015) and 4th (2019) place at the same race. This year he entered but did not complete the course. He did however finish 6th overall at Gran Fondo Marcialonga Craft and 3rd at Sportful Dolomiti Gran Fondo.

Corsello is also an ASD Faenza Factory teammate of 2022 Maratona dles Dolomite champion Stefano Stagni, who has been accused of motor-doping his way to victory.

It seems this is not the first time Giuseppe Corsello has been caught up in doping allegations, in 2008 an Italian amateur cyclist with the same name tested positive for the banned steroid Betamethasone – the drug supplied to the entire PDM pro team in the 1988 Tour de France and also used by the now disqualified 2021 Kentucky Derby horse race champion Medina Spirit.

NADO has not yet scheduled a disciplinary hearing for Corsello to present his case.

Photos/Media: Daniel Töchterle