Doping control officers at the Italian National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) were out in force during the month of May, catching three amateur cyclists who have been banned for violating anti-doping rules.

Giulio Lencioni (Team Bike JO.ER), a 36 year-old amateur cyclist and triathlete, was provisionally banned on 31 May by NADO after failing an anti-doping drug test and returning a positive result for a banned substance. NADO did not release details about the banned substance or why the test was conducted. What makes Lencioni’s case more ironic is the fact that he submitted an official request in 2020 to have the winner of the 1st Sprint MTB Fenice Triathlon disqualified, for of all things, cheating.

39 year-old Stefano Pascucci is banned from the sport of cycling in Italy and abroad until 18 May 2026 after violating anti doping rule 2.3 – “Avoidance, refusal or non-presentation by the Athlete to undergo the taking of the biological sample following notification by a specifically authorized person.”Pascucci finished 9th in his age category at the 2021 Italian Medio Fondo National Championships and won the Gran Premio di Chiusura CSI race in 2020. More recently, at the Gran Premio Apertura – Abitacolo race in March 2022 he finished 25th out of 35 riders.

Finally, 37 year-old Nicola Amadori was provisionally banned by NADO on 11 May 2022 for also violating anti-doping rule 2.3 and refusing to submit to doping controls. Prior to the pandemic, Amadori specialized in racing medio fondo length events, finishing 6th at Gran Fondo del Capitano, 45th at Gran Fondo Davide Cassani and 83rd at Granfondo del Po in 2019.

Photos: TASS