Amateur doping in Italy shows now signs of waning this season as the Italian National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) announced the provisional suspension of yet another gran fondo rider – Dario Nacca.

NADO states Nacca tested positive for an unspecified banned substance after a test was ordered and performed by NADO staff. He is charged with violating Anti-Doping Code Article 2.1, “Presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites or markers in the biological sample of an Athlete”.

The 30 year-old rider for ASD BIKE & SPORT TEAM has been racing on the Italian gran fondo circuit for years, and most recently finished in second place with a silver medal at Gran Fondo Padova on 26 June after coming up a few bike lengths short of victory.

He also had an top result at Gran Fondo Alé La Merckx on 5 June, where he finished the medio fondo race in sixth place from a field of over 800 competitors.

Nacca’s suspension is preliminary until a NADO hearing is scheduled and verdict of guilt or innocence is issued.

Photos: Gran Fondo Padova