Just days before the rescheduled UCI Gran Fondo Rio was to take place on 22 May, the organiser has cancelled the event – for a third time this year.

The only UCI Gran Fondo World Championship qualifying race in South America was originally scheduled in February, but cancelled due to COVID and moved to 1 May. Due conflicts with the world’s largest springtime party – Carnival in Rio de Janiero – the event then moved to 22 May.

Now, at the last minute due to unspecified issues and conflicts the race is cancelled once again. The organizer is tentatively offering 14 August as a replacement date to hold the event.

“The race, which would be held from May 20 to 22, is now August 12-14, 2022. We encountered problems and obstacles that have completely escaped our purview, affecting the delivery this month of a quality event, with the UCI standard, that you all deserve,” UCI Gran Fondo Rio announced on social media.

The announcement does not offer to refund entry fees, but makes general references to help cover non-refundable travel costs of participants already registered, “we would like to help in any way possible to reverse any damage, so that you are minimally harmed with regard to airline tickets and accommodation.”

If the event takes place in August it will be the final UCI Gran Fondo World Championship qualifying race before the 2022 world championships in Trento, Italy on 18 September.

Photos: Gran Fondo Rio