The Italian National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) has preliminarily suspended 2021 Nove Colli Medio Fondo champion Andrea Pisetta (Team Sildom Garda) after he failed an anti-doping drug test recently.

NADO claims Pisetta violated Anti-Doping Code Articles 2.1 and 2.2 with the “Presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites or markers in the biological sample of an Athlete” and “Use or Attempted Use by an Athlete of a Substance or Method Forbidden.”

Additional details were not released by NADO and a hearing for Pisetta is pending.

The 29 year-old amateur cyclist from Trentino had great results in 2021, earning his biggest win last September on the 130 kilometre medio fondo route at the fiftieth edition of the world’s oldest and most prestigious amateur gran fondo – Nove Colli.  “In 2018, I had a puncture, in 2019, I crashed and finally this year, I managed to win!”, he said enthusiastically afterwards.  

He also won Granfondo Segafredo Asolo, the Race for Haiti and Gran Fondo Citta di Padova, where he crossed under the finish banner with an arms-raised victory salute.

More recently he finished third at Gran Fondo Alassio on 13 March 2022.

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