The newest amateur gran fondo stage race in Europe, Corsica Cyclo GT20, will take place on the beautiful French island of Corsica 26-29 May 2022, covering 591 kilometres with a leg-breaking 9770 metres of vertical climbing.


The point-to-point route filled with demanding categorised climbs will start from Bastia in the north and finish on the southern tip of the island in Bonifacio.  Riders will compete for daily stage and overall GC results on timed segments.  Stage lengths range from 108 to 198 kilometres.

The 4 stages:

Stage 1 – Thursday 26 May: Bastia / Patrimonio (via Cap Corse 108km / +1453m).

Stage 2 – Friday 27 May: Patrimonio / Porto (Via Galeria, 192km / +2646m).

Stage 3 – Saturday 28 May: Porto / Ghisoni (Via Corte, 139km / +3317m).

Stage 4 – Sunday 29 May: Ghisoni / Bonifacio (Via Levie, 151km / +2852m)

PHOTOS: Corsica Cyclo GT20