California’s Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR CA) has announced the 2022 edition will guarantee $50,000 USD in prize payouts, making it the “largest ever for a gravel race,” with every competitor eligible to win. 


Organiser Michael Marckx  says the prize purse is the largest ever within the gravel cycling world and it will be distributed between the top five men and women in the main 132 mile Belgain Waffle Ride gravel fondo.  In addition, to support up and coming graveleurs, Marckx is also offering the top three junior age riders $5000 in winnings. 

“The BWR events’ prize structure is open to all racers, not a hand-picked group of exclusive racers. This is for everybody! These open purses for the Waffle races mean that spectators and participants alike will be able to watch, and perhaps participate side by side with, remarkably talented, world class cyclists,” Marckx said.

BWR CA takes place 30 April in the college town of San Marcos, just north of San Diego.  The race rides slightly different routes each year and is often referred to as the most difficult gravel race in North America.   

No racing license needed to compete, but with a big payout comes a hefty $250 entry fee.  Nonetheless, every edition of the race has sold out and entry bibs for the 2022 edition will likely also disappear very soon.   

The 2022 BWR Series of gravel races also includes events in North Carolina, Utah and Kansas with an overall series competition on tap as well.