Zwift’s non-stop winter gran fondo series returns this weekend with three new virtual gran fondo routes to help you get (or stay) in shape until real-world events make a come-back in spring. 


Beginning on New Year’s Eve tens of thousands of Zwifters will virtually lineup to race, roll and blob around on three new routes in Watopia (Zwift’s base world).

The new gran fondo course is 94 kilometres long with a punishing 1141 metres of climbing, including a mountain top KOM finish.  If that seems a bit more than you need, a medio fondo of 77 kilometres and 924 vertical metres or a bambino fondo of 52 kilometres and 400 vertical metres is available. 


The 2022 series kicks off at midnight 31 December, which is 19:00 EST on 30 December –  which means New Yorker’s can sneak in a ride before celebrating New Year’s on Times Square – boosted and masked. 

Events repeat every 5 hours until 2 January at 22:00 GMT with a total of 15 events scheduled. Luckily, Zwift will enable “double draft mode” for those still hung-over and struggling to stay with the “blob” (aka pack).

The series will also return 4-6 February and 4-6 March using the same format.


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