The Swiss based Tour des Stations wants to capitalise on the current popularity of “Everesting” (completing a single ride with 8848 metres of climbing) and plans for the 5th edition, on 6 August 2022, to once again offer participants an Everest Ultrafondo route after a thunderstorm forced the event to cancel in 2021.

Those riders will get a second chance announced Grégory Saudan, president of the Tour des Stations, “All those who could not cross the finish line will have revenge to take in 2022.”

In 2021 only 33 riders were fast (and foolhardy enough) to finish the Everest route as a violent thunderstorm with hail and snow forced the organiser to cancel the ride.  600+ riders were left stranded on the course between Hérémence and Croix-de-Cœur, before being rescued. 


In addition to the Everest Ultrafondo, Tour des Stations will once again offer a Granfondo, Mediofondo, E-fondo and for the kids, a Bambinofondo – each with different lengths and height differences – so riders of all abilities may participate . “We have found the right formula and it seems important to us that the riders can compare their performance from year to year on an identical route,” added Saudan. 

The start of the Everest Ultrafondo will be early, at 04:00 from Le Châble, with other categories starting at 06:00 Granfondo, 08:00 Mediofondo and 09:00 E-fondo.  The finish line, as in previous editions will be at the ski resort in Verbier. 

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