One of the monuments of gravel cycling in the United States is switching to a new random lottery entry system for 2022 that is not dependent on how fast you double-click a mouse or internet speed.

When the 2021 edition of SBT Gravel in Steamboat Springs, Colorado sold out in less than 15 minutes last year, it left a lot of riders disappointed and  pissed-off when they learned they never had a chance of getting a bib.

So this year organiser Amy Charity has a new more egalitarian registration system for the 14 August event, “While it was incredible to see the level of interest evident from a quick sellout, we also recognize that people working or unable to be at their keyboard when registration opens might be left out. So we’ve worked out an approach that we believe supports key advocacy partners, initiatives important to us, and also enables a more equitable process for general registration that doesn’t favor the fastest internet connection.”

But if you win the registration lottery you may also need to win a real lottery to afford the price of a bib.

Depending on your course selection, pricing runs from a high of $250 USD for the 142-mile Black Course to a “bargain” $150 USD if you want to try out gravel racing on the 37-mile Green Course.  A Red 64-mile and Blue 105-mle Courses are also available.

Good luck!


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