One of the best ways to wrap-up the European gran fondo season is at Gran Fondo Pag in Croatia.  Taking place on the island of Pag, the 85 kilometre route treats riders to an out of this world experience that feels more like racing on the moon, than on Earth.


The annual event attracts cyclists from all over Europe to the sunshine filled “moon island” in the northern Adriatic, where, this year at the 2nd edition, Anthony Bilić soloed to victory in 2:06:37 at an average speed of 40.3 kph, followed by Luka Škara (2:06:59) and Gregor Sikošek (2:07:16).   


For the women, 37 year-old Mia Radotic crossed under the Red Bull finish kite first in 2:20:36, just 11 seconds ahead of Sabina Rzepka and Nataša Šustic, all with an average speed of 36.2 kph. 


For their winning efforts, Radotic and Bilić were rewarded with an all-inclusive weekend package at the 4 star Olea Hotel located adjacent to the finish, where they relaxed by (and in) the pool, received massages and sampled traditional Pag delicacies from award-winning cheese to top wines.


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