Stopping the race clock at 3:47:14 after 160 kilometres on the flat-as-a-pancake Mexican Island of Cozumel, 37 year-old Eduardo Garita Gambia from Costa Rica won GFNY Cozumel on Sunday from a field of over 3000 participants, while 2020 Mexican National Road Champion Maria Antonieta Gaxiola won the Women’s race in 3:47:20.


While they celebrated victory, a large chasing peloton sprinted across the finish for minor placings, with the result a spectacular crash that took down a dozen riders.  

While most of those who crashed were able to remount and finish with just a few bumps, bruises and “raspberries,” one man needed quick attention from emergency paramedics and transportation to hospital for a fractured shoulder.


Rounding out the Men’s podium, Edibaldo Maldonado finished second (3:47:15) and Flavio de Luna (3:47:16) third.  The Women’s podium was completed with Andrea Flores (3:47:24) pipping Montserrat Camargo (3:47:25) for second place. 


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