Aging amateur Italian cyclists and training mates Luca Staccioli (FREE BIKE PEDALE FELLONICHESE) and Piero Rinaldini (FREE BIKE PEDALE FELLONICHESE) both tested positive for testosterone in August and have been banned from competition for three-years, according to the National Anti Doping Organization. 

The two masters age teammates, both about 50 years old, not only regularly train together, but apparently they dope together as well, using testosterone to boost performance.   

Rinaldini returned a positive test for testosterone at the Paesetto Trophy race in Bozzone on 18 August after finishing 15th in a field of 23 men aged 50-59.  Two weeks later he won the Sticciano-to-Sticciano race and gave credit to his teammate and training partner Luca Staccioli, “This great satisfaction pays off for all the training I did in this period with Luca Staccioli!”

But Luca Staccioli also tested positive on 18 August at the Paesetto Trophy race after finishing 5th out of 14 competitors in the 40-49 year-old category.

Seems the teammates were following the same training program both on and off the bike. 

Staccioli’s is banned from all amateur cycling events from 17 September 2021 until 16 September 2024, while Rinaldini’s ban started 8 October and lasts until 7 October 2024.

Their team, FREE BIKE PEDALE FELLONICHESE, has not commented on the suspension of the double doping duo.


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